Trump Dunks On Biden In New Bombshell Interview

At this point, many Americans miss President Trump and want him back in the office. When Trump was in the White House, the southern border was not running wild with human smugglers, drug traffickers, terrorists, and illegal immigrants.

During the Trump presidency, the economy was booming. Across the board, unemployment levels reached record lows, notably in minority communities. The 45th president also made it his business to ensure that Americans commanded respect on the world stage, yet another feat where his successor has drastically failed.

When the 2020 presidential election was still underway, Trump warned about the mayhem and destruction that Biden would engender as president. However, even with the warnings from Trump, what’s happening right now (and the rate at which it’s happening) is worse than anyone could have imagined.

In an exclusive interview, Trump himself weighed in on the current state of our country, as documented by Breitbart News.

During a Breitbart News radio interview, the 45th president explained that Biden’s dragged us so low as a nation that we no longer garner respect from other countries. Trump stated that thanks to Biden’s botched handling of the southern border, the worst people from other nations are making their way into America.

That’s barely scratching the surface of the interview, though. Trump informed Breitbart that he is aware of department stores that are either 50% empty or lacking goods altogether. Trump also informed that because of the sledgehammer Biden’s taken to the economy, Americans have to spend more money at every turn.

Overall, Trump explained that Biden has now taken the place of former President Jimmy Carter as the worst commander in chief America has ever had. It is honestly saying something, and the 45th president isn’t the only one with this outlook either.

With all the problems happening in the United States, it can be daunting to wonder how to fix this. It starts with the people and with the leaders being elected into office.

It includes leaders at the federal level and state and local levels. For instance, if Americans had more leaders like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the nation would be much better off.

In 2022, there will be midterm elections and several governor’s races taking place. The outcomes of these races will determine whether or not Biden finally faces some checks and balances or whether or not his leftist allies remain in the House and Senate to keep passing his terrible bills.

What’s happening to the United States now is a prime example of the danger associated with electing the wrong candidates.