Trump Ended Funding Streams To Planned Parenthood Now Biden Is Opening The Floodgates

The Biden-Harris maladministration Department of Health and Human Services drafted a rule in the specific language of Obamacare to help Planned Parenthood. Biden repealed Trump’s restrictions on funding sources that protect unborn children from being terminated. 

Ohio Republican Attorney General Dave Yost leads a 12 state effort to prevent the anti-President Joe Biden from financing Planned Parenthood. On October 25, Yost filed a lawsuit demanding that a federal judge blocked the Biden maladministration from returning Title X funding to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. 

The lawsuit states that the Biden HHS did not follow the proper rule-making requirements. While a technicality, a heartbeat, and brainwaves mean that a fetus is a living human being. It is the state of the US culture wars. Texas prevents abortions by making it a civil offense. Patriots need to use every tool at their disposal. 

President Donald Trump gave us the Protect Life Rule in 2019, forbidding Title X family planning funding from going to abortion providers. If you do not have a pregnancy anymore and therefore will not give birth to a child, are you planning your family? Also, Title X beneficiaries could not support abortion agencies or refer patients to abortion providers. That is simply a backdoor to accomplish the same thing, ending the lives of children. 

It is the actions of an out-of-control extreme liberal cadre. Once again, it demonstrates that Biden is not steering these acts. He is traveling in the rear seat of his mismanagement. Staffers and lawyers who worship with the sacrament of abortion at the altar of a death cult are pushing back on reasonable restrictions. 

Yost claimed in the preliminary injunction mean to temporarily halt this new rule that this HHS unlawfully allows funding appropriated under Title X to be used in programs where abortion is a strategy for families. 

Ohio will succeed in this motion. This rule is in opposition to the law and is discretionary and capricious. He said that Section 1008 of the Public Health Service Act states that tax dollars cannot be appropriated for abortion programs. This new guideline violates this limitation on the use of funds. It surpasses reasonable limits on specific funding that is dedicated for family purposes.

Changing the rule and requiring no significant monetary tracking or divisions effectively orders hospitals to refer people to abortion clinics and other providers such as Planned Parenthood. As a significant donor to the Democrat party, Planned Parenthood has come under scrutiny over recent years for scandals involving the sale of fetus tissue and body parts a la carte. It includes using parts and cells from terminated fetuses to develop the COVID-19 vaccine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Remember, the primary economic principle money is fungible. If you get $100,000, you can pay off your mortgage, buy a car, or invest it. The same money goes into one account, and anyone frees up money for other uses. HHS must provide sufficient protections to guarantee that any Title X to any provider is not used for abortions. A government agency must have a valid justification for new approaches according to the 2009 High Legal dispute, FCC v. Fox TV channels. It may be a skillful way to create a conflict of legal precedent with the Chevron USA, Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. and thus kill two birds of prey with one stone.