Trump Ignites UFC Crowd In Vegas

On Saturday night, President Donald Trump ignited the crowd at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, making a grand entrance to UFC 290. Alongside UFC President Dana White, Trump reveled in the cheers of the packed arena, basking in the exciting atmosphere. His presence underscored his longstanding relationship with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and its fans.

Earlier in the day, Trump made a stirring speech at the Calvary Chapel in Las Vegas, warning Joe Biden of an impending political battle. “I wouldn’t have said this three weeks ago. I wouldn’t have said it. I was actually very kind to him, but now we can’t be kind anymore because the gloves are off. The jar has been opened. He’s totally compromised,” Trump asserted. He sharply criticized the Biden administration’s handling of immigration, crime, and the economy, suggesting things had deteriorated under the current leadership.

Trump didn’t shy away from bold accusations, claiming that Biden had “taken millions of dollars from other countries like China.” He further slammed Biden for blocking the Keystone Pipeline project, failing on immigration at the southern border, and alleged election rigging. Trump’s critique of Biden extended to repurposing his moniker for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying, “We’re using the word crooked for Joe Biden because Joe Biden is the most crooked president in the history of our country by a factor of hundreds. He’s a crook.”

The atmosphere was charged as Trump appeared at the UFC event, having delivered his scathing assessment of the Biden administration. It seemed the perfect backdrop for a man no stranger to politically and otherwise confrontational situations. Accompanying him were White, a longtime ally and vocal supporter of Trump’s presidency, and notable figures such as director Mel Gibson.

Within the arena, Trump was greeted warmly by both UFC fans and celebrities. His interactions spanned from podcast host Joe Rogan to celebrity chef Guy Fieri, affectionately known as the “Mayor of Flavortown.” One victorious fighter, Dricus Du Plessis, was even seen greeting Trump after his round 2 win against Robert Whittaker.

The event, part of the International Fight Week, was not the first UFC event Trump has attended. As president, he participated at a UFC event at Madison Square Garden in New York City in 2019. More recently, he was at UFC 287 in April, where his presence incited a “USA!” chant. It’s a sign of his continued popularity among UFC fans, who have consistently shown him support over the years.

Looking ahead to the 2024 election, Trump expressed his determination to turn Nevada red. He narrowly lost the state in 2016 and 2020 but remains optimistic about its political leanings. “We have a big job to do. This has been a hard state. I really believe it’s a Republican state,” he said.
The night’s events served as a robust demonstration of Trump’s enduring popularity among UFC fans and a reminder of his unyielding criticisms of the Biden administration.