Trump is Calling Out Corruption Under Biden

During the 2020 presidential election, then-President Trump warned that America would be in serious trouble if Joe Biden managed to weasel his way into the Oval Office.

Trump said that under a Biden presidency, gas prices would soar, along with crime rates. The 45th president also claimed that Biden wouldn’t have a clue on how to lead America in an effective way.

Unfortunately, all of the warnings from Trump and other conservatives have come to life less than two years into Biden’s term. The Biden presidency is going so poorly that even Democrats are advising him not to run.

On Friday, Trump rallied in Arizona, slamming both Biden and deeper levels of corruption happening on his watch.

The Highlights of Trump’s Message to Americans
During the former president’s Save America rally in Prescott Valley, Arizona, Trump called out a series of policy examples where Biden dropped the ball.

Some of the most notable examples include the 2021 pullout from Afghanistan and the ongoing, nationwide economic failures. Trump warned that Biden ultimately humiliated the United States while simultaneously making our nation weaker.

Shortly thereafter, Trump turned his attention to the controversial January 6 committee. The former president told the nation this committee is placing power above all else.

Likewise, Trump said the January 6 committee is playing the long game of trying to damage him so he can’t be a voice for Americans.

Like many conservatives, Trump questioned when the committee plans to put a wrap on things. Just last week, Americans were informed that the committee is scheduled to hold more hearings later this year.

Finally, the former president reminded Americans to continue kneeling before the Lord and never back down in the face of tyranny or corruption.

A Bellwether For 2024?
As Trump makes various appearances across the country, speculation continues to swarm regarding whether or not he’ll run for the White House again.

Multiple reports indicate the former president already made a decision. However, an official announcement has not yet been made. At various speaking engagements, Trump has teased the possibility of a 2024 run, much to the elation of his supporters.

Many Americans who favor Trump running for office again believe he’s the only one who can undo the damage caused by Biden and ultimately root out systemic corruption.