Trump Plans to Visit Argentina’s New President-Elect Milei

Former President Donald Trump will visit Buenos Aires to meet with Argentina’s new president-elect. Javier Milei’s office announced the planned meeting Thursday.

“The president-elect received a call last night from the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, who congratulated him,” said a press release by Milei’s office.

The note also reported that Trump said Milei’s “triumph by a wide margin in last Sunday’s election had a great impact on a global scale.” The right-wing economist and author defeated Argentinian career politician Sergio Massa by a margin of more than 11%.

There was no word on when Trump will visit Argentina. After winning his country’s presidential election in a runoff earlier this month, Milei will be inaugurated on Dec. 10. The London Times reported that Trump may be planning to attend the ceremony next month.

According to Luis Majul, a local journalist in Argentina, the son of a former Brazilian president put Donald Trump and Milei in touch. Milei confirmed the report on, saying, “That’s right.”

The Republican presidential frontrunner recently praised Argentina’s new president-elect in a post on Truth Social: “Congratulations to Javier Milei on a great race for President of Argentina. The whole world was watching! I am very proud of you.”

In a South American take on his popular MAGA slogan, the former president added, “You will turn your Country around and truly Make Argentina Great Again!”

Trump will likely have a new ally in South America if he wins a second term as president in 2024. Milei, who is often compared to Trump, praised the GOP candidate in an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

During the interview, Milei gave Trump high marks for fighting socialism in the United States. He called on Trump to “continue with his fight against socialism, because he’s one of the few who fully understood that the battle is against socialism, that the battle is against the statists.”

Argentina’s economy and people have long suffered under the socialist policies of previous presidents. Households and businesses there have had to endure grueling belt-tightening. Just ahead of the presidential election, hyper-inflation in Argentina soared to 143%.