Trump Pledges To Ax Federal Workers Who Fail Civil Service Test

Former President Donald Trump put out a campaign video this week highlighting “wasteful and job-cutting” government regulations while also including a promise to subject federal workers to a civil service test as part of their condition of employment and “fire” those who are unable to pass.

“I will require every federal employee to pass a new civil service test, demonstrating an understanding of our constitutional limited government,” the former president proclaimed.

BizPac Review noted that the U.S. federal government is the number one employer in the country. It also happens to be the largest provider of jobs in the entire world given that it employs more people than Walmart, which has an estimated 2.3 million people on its payroll.

Trump indicated the exam would feature due process rights, free speech, equal protection, religious liberty, and Fourth Amendment to the Constitution’s protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

“We will put unelected bureaucrats back in their place, liberate the US economy and attract millions of jobs and trillions of dollars to our shores,” he pledged.

A similar proposal reportedly came from the former president in March of last year when he urged for the creation of laws that would allow for any federal employee to be fired by the president.

Business Insider covered the initiative at the time, bizarrely claiming that members of former President Trump’s inner circle were “secretly” hatching plots to rid the federal government of thousands of workers.

Such a claim of the plan being intentionally covered up appears quite absurd when one considers that Trump was openly calling for reforms to make every executive branch employee in the U.S. fireable at a South Carolina rally in March 2022. At the time, he stressed that “The deep state must and will be brought to heel.” This was months before the publishing of Insider’s report in July 2022.

A report from Axois in July 2022 discussed the potential of former President Trump reinstating his previous “Schedule F” executive order should he assume the White House after the 2024 election. The order, which was promptly undone by Joe Biden shortly after he entered the White House, reportedly relabeled tens of thousands of government workers as being under “Schedule F,” essentially making them at-will employees who can now be fired.