Trump Predicts ‘Epic Victory’ For GOP In Midterm Elections

During a rally in Vandalia, Ohio, on the eve of Election Day, former President Donald Trump predicted that Republicans would have an “epic victory” in the midterm elections.

At the rally, the former president stated that “the first step to saving America is winning an epic victory for Republicans tomorrow.”

Trump went on to assert that the Democrats’ one-party rule over Washington, D.C. had led to destruction, as they have raised taxes and caused skyrocketing inflation.

He also spoke about Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance, who the former president has endorsed, predicting that Vance will win his election to become the next senator from the “great state of Ohio.”

“He’s smart. He’s tough,” Trump said. “J.D. will fight for Ohio with every bone in his body as a native of your state who has personally witnessed the lynching of Ohio jobs and the devastation of Ohio communities.”

“J.D. knows how important it is to have leaders who put America first and put Ohio first. He wants to put America first,” he added.

Recent polling and predictions from analysts have concluded that Republicans will likely regain control of both chambers of Congress in Tuesday’s midterm elections, while Democrats will face a potentially devastating loss.

Democrats have begun bracing for defeat, with some even admitting that their party’s messaging was to blame. During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen predicted “a bad night” for her party in the midterms, asserting that the Democrats only had themselves to blame because they repeatedly failed to “listen to voters.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) also predicted defeat for the Democrats, warning his party that a “red wave” is coming during a recent interview with CBS News.

Meanwhile, a recent poll from CBS/YouGov revealed that independent voters have swung 18 percentage points in favor of the GOP, now preferring generic Republican congressional candidates over Democrats 49% to 33%.

The swing has been attributed largely to Republicans’ choice of messaging throughout the campaign, as the party has focused on issues such as inflation, gas prices, and crime, which have been shown by polls to be most important to voters. Democrats have largely focused their campaigns on issues like abortion, while also including assertions that ‘democracy is at stake in a lot of their messaging. While these issues have been shown to galvanize the more far-left wing base of the Democrat Party, polls have shown that they are not as important to Americans in general in the midterms.