Trump Prosecutors’ Resignations Show Investigations Were Fake

The far-left “lawfare” that has been waged against President Donald Trump has turned ordinary prosecutorial practice on its head for more than six years and continues wherever progressive prosecutors interested in political hits rather than justice still operate.

Criminal investigations in the American justice system are supposed to start with an identifiable crime based on objective facts. The Trump investigations have invariably instead begun with a political target around whom facts are conjured.

The most recent corrupt prosecution to collapse was based in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. When the city put a new Democratic DA in place this year who had some doubts about the case, two lead prosecutors resigned in protest. The details surrounding the work of those prosecutors, Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz, provide some disturbing revelations.

Dunne and Pomerantz were so obsessed with destroying Trump, no matter the consequences, that they became fixated on going to trial even though they knew they were likely to lose. They decided that they would instead take a losing case forward rather than be “on the wrong side of history.” That Obama-ism has become more important to many public servants with power over grand juries and criminal cases than actual truth and substantial justice.

Dunne admitted that the case was weak but demanded that it proceed because it is “righteous” and “ought to be brought.” Pomerantz was so eager to prosecute Trump under any circumstances that he came out of retirement and agreed to work for free to do it.

Of course, the overarching objective of radical leftists is to prevent Trump from running again in 2024. Dunne and Pomerantz indeed felt that if they could bog Trump down in a complex criminal case for years, no matter its merits, they could impair his decision or ability to campaign effectively.

Suppose someone as high-profile and well-heeled as President Trump must withstand political prosecutions. In that case, the country should thoughtfully examine the discretion provided to political prosecutors at all levels of the American justice system.