Trump Releases Dates For More Rallies – Here’s Where You Can Catch Him

Former President Donald Trump continues to have rallied, and Americans are still hopeful for change in the White House. President Joe Biden can’t figure out where he is and is doubling down on Covid-19 vaccine mandates that the Federal Drug Administration doesn’t even approve instead of reasonable policies and reasonable behavior.

Trump released rally dates, and Americans seem to know more about the former president than the current president. He continues to engage in interviews, and his rallies still gather tens of thousands of people.

Currently, Trump’s rallies are going to be held in Iowa and Georgia in the coming weeks. Georgia is fascinating because of the Democrat’s behavior with the world series and Georgia Republicans winning the runoff election adding two House seats. Republicans have a deep interest in turning Georgia red for the coming years, and it shouldn’t be hard for them to do.

When Trump has been asked about a 2024 Presidential run, he hasn’t confirmed or denied it, but he has begun political ads and ramp up rallies. If you thought Trump was out of consideration, you were wrong.

Americans are fed up with Biden and anyone he surrounds himself with. Biden’s approval rating dipped below 40% in his first nine months as president. Biden can’t seem to stop mandating the Covid-19 vaccine, and interestingly enough, people and businesses are going along with it.

Biden just came out on September 9th, 2021, and mandated the vaccine to businesses that employ 100 people or more, or the other option is to be tested weekly. The test will likely consist of the PCR test that has been proved inaccurate, and even more shocking is how terrible the Covid-19 vaccination has worked in the first place. If this were really about health, then Biden would have mandated the vaccine long ago when it first became available.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki has also been disliked mainly for her answers or lack of solutions. On September 10th, 2021, Psaki said that some businesses have already complied, speaking of the Covid-19 vaccine mandates, which shows the left’s true vaccine intention. Compliance or else. The current vaccines are still under the emergency use authorization, and according to US Code 21 360bbb-3, they can’t be mandated, only optional. Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson probably don’t want that because they’ve made billions off of the emergency use authorization and aren’t going to want to stop that cash cow.

Afghanistan has been a disaster as well. The Taliban have taken over, which nobody disputed would result, and Americans are stuck there. The Taliban are banking on the possibility that Biden will send cash, engage in commerce with them, or recognize them as a legitimate government, but it’s not clear what will happen. The Taliban have planes held hostage at the moment, waiting on Biden’s response.

Many, particularly patriotic Americans, have missed Trump, and if he runs in 2024, he’s sure to win. Though his mean tweets may have been off-putting to some, his policies and representation for America can’t be matched by the current administration.