Trump Sees The United States Like Most Do – “A Communist Breeding Ground That’s Waiting To Gain Power”

Former President Donald Trump’s political career is not over, and he’ll likely take the country by storm in the 2022 midterm election as well as the 2024 Presidential election. There are already talks of Trump becoming the Speaker of the House, and that’s possible based on the Constitutional allowance of a former president.

Legislative expert Casey Burgat said, “It literally could be anybody. Congress has a growing history, more recent than not, of choosing folks that are not part of its membership.”

While the left is championing the idea of Trump being ineligible for office because of the January 6 Capitol Riot in 2020, Trump and the Republicans are waging war on the home front of freedom and liberty by installing critical players in the mix of politics to make sure that Democrats don’t have the stronghold that they seem to have at the moment.

Under President Joe Biden, the country feels much different than before. Trump feels the same way. Trump had a sit-down interview with Christina Bobb with One America Network and said that America is in, or beyond, the first stages of communism.

Trump said, “Our country has never felt like this. It’s never been like this. We’re disrespected all over the world. We don’t have any, and it’s almost as though we don’t have any power left.”

There’s never been a time where America has been so low that even our allies are uncomfortable with our standing. After the Withdrawal from Afghanistan, the United Kingdom didn’t feel that the U.S. could hold its own and take care of its allies during times of conflict.

Trump said, “If you look at Russia’s going on with Ukraine. Suppose you look at China and Taiwan if you look at everything. Iran is making threats. They’re all making threats.”

There are rarely this many problems in the world. Russia and China are looking at conflict with neighboring territories, and Trump would have handled the situation very differently. Trump had a way of bringing peace to war without causing ripples throughout the world.

Trump also said, “They were threatening us when I was there. No one was going to threaten us. And I think a lot had to do with the Afghan withdrawal. The way we withdrew from Afghanistan, it was so and getting out was a good thing, not a bad thing,” noting that Bagram airbase was critical to the process and keeping troops in Afghanistan until everyone else was out was key to the success of the withdrawal.