Trump Touts His Immigration Policies Amid Spike In Illegal Border Crossings

As Republican governors along the nation’s southern border pursue plans to relocate undocumented immigrants from their states to Democratic-led regions of the country, they are portraying the move as an effort to highlight President Joe Biden’s failed immigration policies.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump is weighing in on the issue by noting that the border was not in such a state of crisis when he was in office.

With a record number of illegal border crossings thus far in the current fiscal year, Trump took to Truth Social to share his take on the current crisis, noting that “just two years ago we had the strongest and best Southern Border in U.S. History.”

His post on Wednesday asserted that migrants “weren’t coming up and through because they knew that it was going to be very hard to come in, and stay in.”

Trump went on to tout his border wall plan and the program mandating that immigrants wait in Mexico during the asylum hearing process as steps toward creating a secure border, adding: “It all worked!!!”

Biden, on the other hand, has rescinded funding for the border wall and ended the so-called Remain in Mexico policy, leading prominent Republicans to hold him responsible for the current immigration crisis.

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel issued a statement of her own this week, asserting that the Biden administration’s “dereliction of duty and open border policies” have resulted in making the nation less safe.

She wrote that “gangs are thriving [and] drugs are pouring into our neighborhoods,” predicting that the issue “will be top of mind as voters worry about the safety and security of loved ones” ahead of the upcoming midterm elections.

Vice President Kamala Harris seemed to make matters worse with her recent proclamation that the border is “secure,” which led to widespread backlash from GOP critics.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to explain the comment, claiming that “we have historic funding to do just that, to make sure that the folks that we encounter at the border be removed or expelled.”

In response to the vice president’s remark, one border agent told Fox News that he had never seen the border more secure than it was during the Trump administration, adding: “The root cause of this invasion is this administration and handing out undeserved citizenship will continue to call in more illegal aliens, terrorists, and MS-13 gang members.”