Trump Vows To ‘Totally Obliterate The Deep State’

Former President Donald Trump issued a stark pledge to a receptive audience at the Turning Point USA conference in Florida on Saturday. The 2024 Republican presidential frontrunner promised to take a hammer to the deep state and form a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”

The deep state, as is present in Washington, D.C., is that unelected and unauthorized group walking the corridors of power. It is independent of leaders sent to the capital by the people and is entrenched in federal bureaucracy.

As Trump has proven time and again, it is also deeply opposed to both his political power and that of his wildly supportive base.

Part of his promise, if once again elected as president, would be to declassify all materials related to spying, censorship and corrupt practices in Washington.

Trump told the crowd, “When I get back into the Oval Office, I will totally obliterate the deep state.” He further pledged to create the commission to shine light on past misdeeds by the federal government.

These bodies have been formed in several countries to find the truth about official wrongdoings and smooth over conflicts.

The gathering of prominent conservatives last weekend was bolstered by young Republicans whose support clearly favored the former president.

Other featured speakers included commentator Tucker Carlson and media giant Steve Bannon.

Trump, who is lapping his field of rivals, said that he knows who to surround himself with upon his triumphant return to Washington. He told the group that “I know the great ones. I know the dumb ones. I know the weak ones. I know the stupid ones.”

He said his first term in office gave him “a PhD in learning about the people of Washington.”

The former president made an impassioned promise to the Florida audience as he concluded his speech. Besides demolishing the deep state, he promised to drive out the warmongers, globalists and Marxists from the administration.

The fascists will be gone along with the “sick political class that hates our country.” Trump called for the final defeat of “crooked Joe Biden” and reiterated his earlier pledge to drain the swamp “once and for all.”

There is no more powerful testimony to the fear that the deep state has of the former president than their attempts to litigate him out of existence. Contrary to their strongest wishes, however, these attacks have only given Trump greater strength for his drive to return to the White House.