Trump’s Save America PAC is out with another savage anti-Biden ad

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Once again, Donald Trump is hinting—hard—that he’ll be running in 2024. A week ago, he put out an epic attack ad against Joe Biden that could serve no other purpose than to weaken Biden substantially before the next election. As the awful facts about the Afghanistan retreat have unfolded, there’s even more material for an ad, and Trump’s Save America PAC didn’t hesitate to use it.

While the first ad, from last week, had nods to inflation, the open border, and Biden’s tyrannical plans around COVID, before turning its attention to Afghanistan, this new ad hones in immediately on the debacle in Afghanistan. What makes the ad especially powerful is that, to the extent news stories are interspersed with Biden’s dishonest, indeed, delusional statements about events there, those news stories aren’t from Fox. Instead, they’re from mainstream outlets that normally live to prop up Democrats.

🚨 NEW AD 🚨

45: A heartbreaking loss for the United States and its great Military. We must have hostages released and our Military equipment returned, NOW!

— Taylor Budowich (@TayFromCA) September 1, 2021

I’ll leave you with a parting thought, one that is only delicately touched upon in the video: On his Wednesday night broadcast, Tucker Carlson gave voice to an idea that I’m seeing more frequently in the many emails that pass before me. That idea is that what happened in Afghanistan wasn’t simply because the people in charge were too stupid or dishonest to know better. Instead, what happened in Afghanistan was deliberate.

Fundamentally, the Biden administration wanted to recreate what happened to Europe in 2015; namely, a flood of Muslim immigrants pouring into a Western country. It’s not enough to open the Southern border. If the Democrats are to change the American population to create a permanent Democrat majority, they need to get Third World people in from all over.

These completely unvetted new immigrants are people who are not used to individual liberty and, in the case of Muslims, who don’t even believe in individual liberty. As a reminder, in 2010, when things were relatively peaceful in Afghanistan, 99% of Afghans wanted to live under sharia law.

Democrats are sending these Muslims to swing states. Once there, because conservatives are opposed to mass immigration and mass welfare, the money the taxpayers will fork over to all these new immigrants will come in envelopes that say, in effect, “Courtesy of the Democrat party.”

If I had a crystal ball, I think I would see one of two outcomes: Choice one is that America will be completely changed from a successful, liberty-oriented Western nation into just another Third World hellhole (and no, it wouldn’t be like Europe in the 1970s because Europe’s socialism worked only because America paid all her defense costs during the Cold War). Choice two is that the American people will push back very hard.

Either outcome will be ugly. I hope my crystal ball skills are lousy.