Tucker Carlson And Glenn Beck Have Chilling Warning For Americans

Across the nation, Democrats are working day and night to chip away at the Second Amendment until it no longer exists. Democrats have tried all sorts of tactics from uniquely taxing gun purchases to making people jump through hoops in order to obtain concealed carry permits.

Officially, the gun control movement claims to be about safety. Yet, the policies they advocate for don’t actually keep people safe. Months ago, when Buffalo, New York became the target of a mass shooter, this individual admitted to choosing the state because of its heavy gun control laws.

Recently, the gun control movement cheered when it convinced major credit card carriers to distinctly categorize firearms purchases. Now, Fox News host Tucker Carlson and The Blaze’s Glenn Beck are warning the country of what comes next.

Playing the Long Game to Ban Firearms
During his Fox News show, Carlson pointed out that if a movement wants to completely ban guns from society, the initial step towards making this happen is tracking gun sales.

After slamming “unbalanced” politicians who pressed credit card companies to agree to recategorize sales of guns and related products, Carlson brought on Beck to weigh in.

Beck pointed out how a statement from Visa opens the door to guns perhaps ceasing to be categorized as “legal” purchases. In that case, it would give credit card companies room to ban gun sales on the grounds of them not being legal.

Carlson and Beck are far from the only Republicans to stress the danger of credit card companies bowing to the gun control movement. In fact, several GOP lawmakers have written to Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, demanding them to reverse their decision.

If these credit card companies continue on their current course, Republican officeholders warn of potential congressional action to push back.

Possible Legal Battles to Come
As the gun control movement uses credit card companies to chip away at gun rights, it’s opening the door to possible legal issues.

In Florida, the state has been clear that if credit card companies distinctly categorize the sales of guns and related materials, they’ll incur penalties.

Jimmy Patronis, the chief financial officer of Florida, even expressed he’ll be working with the state legislature to pass laws that prohibit this backdoor means of tracking firearms. Other conservative, pro-Second Amendment states may very well follow suit.