Tucker Carlson Draws Attention to Rash of Fires at Food Processing Plants

You may be surprised to learn that over a dozen food processing plants in the United States have experienced fires since January. If you have not heard about this, you are not alone. The mainstream media has all but ignored the story. You would think that it would be newsworthy given the already fragile state of the supply chain. Tucker Carlson finally ran a segment on the situation, raising more questions than answers.

Why is no one taking these events seriously? No federal agency has announced an investigation, and everyone seems ok with the narrative that it is just a coincidence. Anecdotally, in my entire life, I have never heard of a food plant burning down let alone there being over a dozen fires. The possibility that there are attacks on our food supply would seem to be something that would need to be investigated. Even more so given even President Joe Biden has warned about coming food shortages in the coming months. The administration is blaming the war in Ukraine for the coming shortfalls, but the supply chain issues certainly will not be helping matters.

There are changes worldwide regarding food that cannot be denied. Indonesia has banned all exports of palm oil. Egypt has banned exports of staple foods. Food riots have sporadically broken out across the globe. Taken alone, these types of events can be dismissed. Taken together, a pattern is beginning to emerge of the very real possibility of food insecurity across the globe including in the United States.

American consumers are woefully unprepared for shortages in the food supply. Our biggest issue with food in this country is that we consume too much of it. It is unknown what kind of psychological impacts there will be if store shelves go bare. History teaches us that societal breakdowns occur very quickly once the food runs out. Given this stark reality, it would be wise for those in charge to investigate these fires to determine if there is a deliberate attack on our food infrastructure to facilitate social instability.

The left will dismiss such reporting because it comes from Tucker Carlson. This is a mistake. When you are hungry, political partisanship is a moot issue. Everyone should be concerned about the possibility of food insecurity and plan accordingly.