Tucker Carlson Warns 2024 ‘Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen’

In a 30-minute speech at the RiskOn360 Global Success Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tucker Carlson warned the audience that 2024 would be like nothing we have ever seen before in America.

“I’m just telling you, once again, what you already know, which is — this is going to be — the next year is gonna be, I think — I’d bet my house on it — really like nothing we’ve ever seen in the country, and everyone can kinda feel that,” Carlson said.

Carlson was pointing to the 2024 presidential election and the different paths facing Democratic frontrunner President Joe Biden and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Carlson points out a cognitive decline suffered by Biden over the past few years. He believes that Biden is no longer running the country but is instead a political figurehead for a “cartel” that is actually running the White House.

“You’ve got two people people running for president — one of them is literally senile,” Carlson said. “Yet, he’s standing for reelection at the age of 80.”

According to Carlson, at the same time Biden is propped up by a “cartel” and is protected by the media, Donald Trump is facing indictments and arrests by that same cartel. He believes that people are desperately trying to get rid of Trump regardless of what ordinary Americans want.

“Every time he gets indicted and every time they tack years onto this potential sentence, he becomes more popular — and now he’s winning,” Carlson said.

It is in this environment that the 2024 election will take place, and all signs and polls point to a rematch of the 2020 election pitting Biden against Trump. If the 2020 election was contentious and negative, the 2024 election is shaping up to be even worse.

Carlson believes that the root of the political tension is that, “The people who govern us hate the truth. Thus, they cultivate an atmosphere in which people only tolerate lies.”

He believes that the people in power now will continue to perpetuate lies and that people have to listen to their own instincts rather than what they hear on television.

Carlson did not offer any solutions or ways to stop the inevitable hostility that he predicts 2024 will hold. Instead, he urged his listeners to do the opposite of what was being done to them.

“I think the only way to stay alive and fully human in a moment like this is to resolve that you are going to tell the truth in every and all circumstances,” Carlson said. In the face of tension and anxiety caused by lies, the antidote is speaking the truth no matter what.