Tucker Drops Obama’s Worst Kept Secret

Tucker Carlson unleashed teasers about his upcoming interview with Larry Sinclair, former lover of Barack Obama. Sinclair is known for coming out with allegations against Obama in 1999.

On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson took to his X account to tease an upcoming show with Larry Sinclair. The teaser was given during a discussion about media and politics on the Adam Corolla.

During the media and politics portion of the interview, Carlson revisits the allegations made by Larry Sinclair. The allegations dealt with social improprieties between Obama and Sinclair. Carlson points out that Sinclair agreed to a lie detector test and passed it. The story turned out to be true.

The problem Carlson pointed out was that politics shut down the media on the story. Any media outlet that covered the story would have no access to Obama during a time when access was crucial. During this clip is when Carlson quickly stated he would interview Sinclair and would ask him about the allegations.

Dinesh D’Souza picked up on the teaser by Carlton and offered a stark reminder of the validity of the claims by Sinclair. D’Souza states, regarding the interview clip, “Larry has some fascinating corroborating details.”

Tucker Carlson focused on the allegations made by Larry Sinclair himself. Bringing up the lie detector test seemed enough to seal the truth behind the allegations. More than a lie detector test has surfaced in recent days.

A letter from former President Obama to an ex-girlfriend was obtained by the New York Times with portions of it recently released. The letter goes into great detail regarding Obama’s fantasies that contribute to the validity of Sinclair’s allegations.

David Garrow, Obama’s biographer, discussed the details of the letter and how they came to light.

“Alex sold those letters to Emory [University]. Alex had let me read all of the letters except this one paragraph that she redacted and just said, ‘It’s about homosexuality,’” he explained. “So, I had one of my oldest friends, Harvey Klehr, who has been a professor at Emory his whole life. I had Harvey go to the Emory archives and Harvey copied out the missing paragraph by hand, pencil and paper.”

Garrow went on to say that, “Barack made it clear to me that he hoped I would never read them, I can put it that way,” Garrow said.”

Blocking access to Obama if the story was covered in mainstream media along with the hope the letter would not come to light reinforces Carlson’s viewpoint, “The media is reporting on government, but the media is also dependent on government.