Tulsi Gabbard Claims Deep State Aims To Destroy Trump To Maintain Control

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has made bold assertions about the U.S. deep state during her appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.” Gabbard suggested that powerful figures in Washington, D.C., will go to great lengths to undermine President Donald Trump, fearing he will expose and dismantle their influence.

Gabbard’s comments came amid ongoing discussions within the Democratic Party about whether President Joe Biden should remain their nominee for the 2024 election. “They didn’t really have a Democratic primary at all,” Gabbard remarked, referring to the lack of options for Democratic voters in the primary. She highlighted the internal conflicts among Democrats, emphasizing that their focus is not on the country’s best interest but on maintaining power.

She continued, “They don’t care about Joe Biden. This isn’t about loyalty to Joe Biden. They are trying to figure out how best they can stay in power.”

Gabbard argued that Biden is merely a figurehead controlled by more powerful, unelected individuals within the government and other influential sectors.

Gabbard pointed to the deep state, describing it as a network of unelected officials, political figures, the military-industrial complex, and the national security state. She also mentioned their allies in the media, suggesting that these groups thrive on their ability to control a puppet figurehead like Biden.

“This is why they are doing all they can to destroy Trump. They know that he will expose them and dismantle their power,” she asserted.

Following the recent debate between Biden and Trump, Democratic pundits quickly questioned Biden’s viability as the party’s nominee. His debate performance, marked by gaffes and a noticeable struggle to maintain coherence, led many to doubt his capability to serve another term. A CBS/YouGov poll revealed that 72% of voters believe Biden lacks the mental and cognitive health to continue as president.

Gabbard’s statements reflect a broader sentiment among some conservatives who view Trump as a disruptor capable of challenging the entrenched powers within the government. As the debate over Biden’s candidacy continues, the question of who truly holds power in Washington remains a critical point of contention.