Tulsi Gabbard Demands Biden ‘Apologize To The American People’ For Acting Like An Autocrat

Tulsi Gabbard, a former presidential contender, and Hawaii lawmaker are one Democrat willing to criticize Joe Biden’s policies. Gabbard chastised Biden for allegedly flogging undocumented Haitians crossing the border in Del Rio, Texas. As stated previously, the story was a fraud. The Border Patrol maintains that it is not valid. It is not accompanied by photos or video. Even the photographer who captured the images stated that he did not witness anyone being whipped. However, Joe Biden was unconcerned.

Gabbard told Jesse Watters of Fox News that Biden was entirely incorrect and should apologize to the American people. Gabbard claimed Biden behaved like a dictator as “judge, jury, and executioner” for these Customs and Border Patrol agents on horseback. The Daily wire report stated that how can they expect a fair investigation outcome when the President of the United States has already declared their guilt and threatened to punish them? The more significant issue here is that if America ceases to be a country of laws, it ceases to be a democracy.

While Biden himself states that what makes the US exceptional and unique is its Constitution and the rule of law, unfortunately, Americans have seen how far they’ve strayed from it during the Obama-Biden administration. Such activities (Biden Policies) rip apart the country’s fabric and the rule of law.

As Watters pointed out, America saw this kind of fraud before when the Clinton team planted false information about Trump and Russia for years on end. However, they seem to have gotten away with it so many times. Gabbard agreed and stated that Democrats act selfishly to maintain their power, position, or money, or whatever their selfish motivation is. And they have no business holding leadership roles at any level of our society, since who benefits? That would be the American people. It is a manifestation of democracy.

However, it’s fascinating that a Democrat would hold such an opinion. Of course, now that she is no longer in office, she is free to call it all out. However, she should be commended for doing so. It’d be great if more Democrats, even Republicans, understood and were prepared to fight for what Americans believe in. Gabbard also criticized Biden over the weekend for his management of the border in general, stating that he needed to return to the successful Trump policies.