Tulsi Gabbard Is “On Point” With Russia And The Biden Administration

Former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has been going after Democrats well before her run for the presidency in the 2020 election. Gabbard noted that Congress was like high school while on Joe Rogan’s podcast and has been very outspoken about issues facing the nation and how Democrat censorship and legislation aren’t going to help the country.

Gabbard joined Steve Hilton on The Next Revolution on Fox News and tweeted, “As warmongers in the White House escalate tensions with Russia, let’s be real about what we’re dealing with open conflict between two nuclear-armed powers. The only place this conflict can end is the destruction of the world and life as we know it. It is what’s at stake.” Gabbard posted this with a video of the show.

The nuclear arms race did one thing, show the entire world that every nuclear-capable country can end the world as we know it for everyone. It’s not a subtle issue and should be taken very seriously, but it seems that nobody cares.

Hilton agreed with what Gabbard said in the video and said, “We have to calm it all down.”

A pendulum in politics generally swings one way and then the next, one side being Democrat and the other being Republican. That pendulum is swinging so hard that it’s about to break off, and we have nothing left. Lately, it’s been so bad that each party is destroying their own even though, at times, it’s well deserved.

Gabbard does a good job breaking down why National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State Antony Blinken should be taken out of the White House. Both have been disastrous to the country and horrible at making foreign policy decisions.

Gabbard said, “Unfortunately, in this White House, we have warmongers and people like Jake Sullivan and Tony Blinken, who had a very strong and in being the architects of regime change wars in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria and they’re the ones who are influencing the decisions being made by this White House.”

Just look at how awful the withdrawal from Afghanistan was and understand that Jake Sullivan had a monumental voice in the decision-making process and didn’t sleep much during the withdrawal. That means that his decision-making ability was massively hindered.

While responding to Hilton about intelligence services acting like they want another war, Gabbard made a statement that should resonate with anyone who heard it.

“Our leaders should be acting in the best interest of the American people and our country.”

You don’t hear that very often, at least from someone who means it. That statement might come during a campaign speech or a campaign rally, but it usually doesn’t come from someone who’s out of politics altogether who is in the middle of the aisle politically.

There’s only one place where the Russia-Ukraine conflict ends. Loss of life and loss of resources. The fact that politicians can’t figure this out and that some act like they want war is disturbing.