Tulsi Gabbard Tears Into Merrick Garland And Biden DOJ’s ‘Despicable,’ ‘Un-American’ Targeting Of American Parents Who Care About Their Kids

Tulsi Gabbard once tore into Vice President Kamala Harris, and now she’s going after attorney general Merrick Garland. The former Hawaii Congresswoman isn’t going to stay quiet about the federal government’s intervention into the lives of parents as they propose the FBI go after school board attendees who get a little bit too rowdy. 

Gabbard told Fox News, “Every American should be concerned about what’s happening right now, Ben. It is bigger than Democrats versus Republicans. What we see here is about the powerful elite in this country using their power to try to silence and control us.”  

Just take a look at every speech that President Joe Biden gives, and you’ll quickly notice that he targets those he doesn’t like and disagrees with. Biden says that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” it takes away from the argument that the federal government has made for the Covid-19 vaccine. First off, there’s an overall 98.4% survival rate according to the most recent data from the Center for Disease Control, and that number has remained relatively consistent throughout the entire “pandemic.”  

The idea that Covid-19 is the deadliest disease is false and against any scientific data available. Covid-19 is very survivable, and though, unfortunately, anyone has lost their life to the virus, we have to look at the facts as a country and determine if we’re going to continue our lives in fear or we’re going to realize that Covid-19 isn’t going away. We can all live life with its existence and move forward.  

Gabbard continued, “What is dangerous about this situation is we have the attorney general essentially weaponizing our federal law enforcement agencies to intimidate and silence the American people.” 

When Democrats called to defund the police and many Democrat cities defunded their officers, everyone forgot about the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies. With police force numbers declining, there’s a significant gap to fill, and the federal government isn’t going to let a crisis go to waste. Parents are sick and tired of schools doing whatever they want to uncheck, and unfortunately, the time to go against the school boards is a little too late. Parents should have been involved in their children’s schooling much sooner than now if they wanted to effect change. Now, it’s a political game that’s being played.  

Gabbard noted that the oath to defend the constitution isn’t to be taken lightly. Freedom of speech is given regardless of how obnoxious or loud it becomes. Gabbard said, “I may hate the speech you say, I may completely disagree with it, but I will lay down my life to protect your right to say it.”  

Gabbard has a deep understanding of the oath to the constitution. Her veteran status still lives with her today, and as a former member of the military, she has an outlook on freedom that not everyone involved in politics shares. 

Though Gabbard is a Democrat, she is one of the most reasonable voices Americans have disparaging babble coming from the White House. Gabbard needs to get back in politics, and it would be nice to see her run in 2024 with a Republican at the forefront.