Twitchy, Please Don’t Compare Joy Reid To Arthur Fonzarelli

In a note published Thursday to Twitchy, Sam Janney claims that in a recent tweetstorm regarding the Supreme Court’s forthcoming decision regarding Mississippi’s abortion law (and perhaps even Roe v. Wade), MSNBC news contributor Joy Reid jumped “ALL the sharks” by comparing conservatives to the Taliban.

Before addressing Ms. Reid’s remarks, I would first admonish the Twitchy author not to make undeserving comparisons. Joy Reid is an MSNBC journalist. Arthur Fonzarelli, is the Fonz. And nobody jumps sharks like the Fonz.

Nobody even jumps sharks except for the Fonz. And when he did that, it wasn’t lame. It was cool. I challenge Sam J. to think of one other person they know of that they can name who has ever jumped a shark.

Now, on to Reid’s tweetstorm calling for the abortions to continue.

See, Sam, if Fonz had been the one tweeting this, he would have said Hillary Clinton should have come out to Wisconsin at least once in the 2016 election, and all of this might have been avoided. Apologies to any readers who were trying to follow along with Ms. Reid’s line of argumentation to continue to allow Sam J’s lack of wit in this instance to intrude upon the discourse.

The MSNBC host went on:

“And they’re doing this over the objections of three-quarters of Americans, who can do nothing about it, as this handful of right-wing extremists are permanently endowed with uncheckable power. If that is not a religious dictatorship and ultra-minority rule, I don’t know what is.”

Now listen, Sam reader, begging your pardon, Arthur Fonzarelli would never talk this way. Fonzie would say at the moment like this, “You got nothing to fear but fear itself.” Then when Richie asks him, “Didn’t somebody else say that?” Fonzie would reply, “Well, if they did, they got it from the Fonz.” (Happy Days, Season 2, Haunted)

“The United States is in a deep, deep slide. Away from democracy, away from religious ecumenism, and for women in this country: away from bodily autonomy. And the same forces demanding this Talibanism also demand that Americans open their bodies up to death by guns and COVID.”

Now, see Sam, once again, this is not how Arthur Fonzarelli talks. For some reason, when people write tweets, they always come out sounding like one person: Alex Jones. It doesn’t matter how different you seem to be or are from him. You could be as different from that Austin original as Joy-Ann Reid at MSNBC’s news desk, and still, when you go to write a tweet, for some reason, because of some quirk like the platform, you just come out sounding like Alex Jones.

I’d like to see some scholars like the one at the University of Dayton (who performed a regression analysis of 2016 presidential campaign visits to see if any correlations with votes to see if the missing Wisconsin visit mattered. I have some quibbles about how much the study as it was designed can say, but I will leave that to another example for some other article), cobble together an app that finds if readers can tell apart Alex Jones quotes from tweets sent by people that they would rate as most unlike him, and in a way to get scientifically respectable results by good scholarly standards.