Twitter Blocks Reveal of Child Grooming by Drag Performers

Social media platform Twitter locked out the creator of “Libs of TikTok” over daring to expose through a series of tweets several drag shows aimed at young children. The account was told that the thread violates Twitter’s policies prohibiting “abuse and harassment.”

The account, which was previously blocked from Instagram as well as Twitter, lost its appeal to the platform and had to delete the thread before being allowed back on. Instagram last month blocked and then reinstated “Libs of TikTok.” It claimed the account was suspended “by mistake.”

The offending tweets show drag queens and children dancing on stage at a drag convention — with some kids getting money while performing. Drag shows for kids are great to post, even with those kids receiving money. Just don’t expose them to parents.

This brief statement on the “Libs of TikTok” Twitter account that accompanied the thread was enough to incur the wrath of its censors. “They say it’s innocent (and) about inclusion and acceptance. They say no one is trying to confuse, corrupt, or sexualize kids.”

The statement by “Libs of TikTok” concludes with “They lie.”

In a recent month, the Chinese-owned TikTok app was downloaded by 4 million Americans — second only to Disney+. By its own reporting, it has 138 million active U.S. users, and a startling 32.5% are from 10-19 years old.

“Libs of TikTok” is a 2022 update of “Drudge Report” of sorts with 1.2 million followers and growing rapidly. Extremely little of the content is original, rather it simply spotlights what radical progressives in general and LGBT advocates in particular post online.

With their own faces and in their own words. Yet somehow this horrifies the left, resulting in a particularly unprofessional hit piece in The Washington Post. This defender of democracy calls the Twitter account a “hate campaign.”

It was this paper’s Technology columnist Taylor Lorenz who first declared war on “Libs of TikTok” and its account owner. Lorenz wrote the name and profession of Chaya Raichik on its website and even linked her real estate license, which has her address.

While parents are on Facebook, their kids are saturated by radical leftist messaging on TikTok. Twitter apparently disapproves of parents knowing the content their children are exposed to on their phones. It is high time for parents to find out.