Twitter Can No Longer Hide Its True Beliefs

For years on end, Twitter has been accused of subjecting conservatives and Republicans on the platform to censorship.

Sometimes, this censorship takes place in the form of users being shadowbanned or magically losing followers. In other cases, conservatives have reported lower engagement on their posts or even being locked out of their accounts altogether.

Before the public, Twitter has been denying claims that it unfairly holds conservatives to rigid standards while letting left-wing users tweet with impunity.

However, after a Twitter senior engineer’s recently leaked comments, the platform can no longer pretend that it doesn’t harbor bias.

The True Underbelly of Twitter
In leaked video footage, Twitter senior engineer Siru Murugesan more than says the quiet part out loud.

After vulgarly confirming Twitter’s “communist” roots, the senior engineer admits that Twitter has no belief in freedom of speech whatsoever. It gets even more interesting, though.

On the matter of SpaceX CEO and free speech defender Elon Musk taking ownership of Twitter, Murugesan confirms that this is very worrisome to the company’s current employees.

By the senior engineer’s own admission, Twitter workers are “stress-eating” over this and even “revolting” to prevent Musk from acquisition. Murugesan later explains that Twitter employees’ jobs are at stake, largely owed to Musk being a capitalist and employees being communists.

Of course, Murugesan believes the anti-free speech and pro-communist slant of Twitter are positive things, rather than problems in need of solutions.

By the senior engineer’s own admission, he believes that since free speech permits “harassing” and “bullying,” opposing free speech is actually a means of protection.

Of course, this is the same line of reasoning that communists have used for attacking not just free speech, but also other individual rights and liberties.

Throughout history, oppressors have always made the case that their actions were actually for the greater good and the security of others.

An Uncertain Future For Twitter
At this time, Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is not yet complete. This is owing to Musk’s concerns that Twitter has been less than forthcoming about the percentage of bots on the site.

Many Americans are hopeful that the SpaceX CEO does eventually go through with buying Twitter and revamping it as a platform that respects freedom of speech.

Conservatives especially have lauded Musk for saying that he would walk back Twitter’s ban of former President Trump if he took over the company.

In the meantime, the latest comments from Twitter’s senior engineer tell people everything there is to know about who’s currently running the platform.