Two Different Courts Ruled Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandate – AGAIN!

Two courts ruled against Joe Biden’s vaccination regulations on Tuesday, giving him a double whammy. On Tuesday, a federal court in Louisiana granted a nationwide injunction against Joe Biden’s demand for healthcare employees. Doughty’s judgment comes after a judge in Missouri made a similar finding earlier this week. That order only applied to ten states, but Doughty has broadened the injunction to include all 50 states.

When governments declare lengthy states of emergency, civil freedoms are jeopardized, according to U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Doughty, who was ruling on a lawsuit brought by President Joe Biden against the National Transportation Safety Board. “If the executive branch is permitted to hijack the legislative branch’s capacity to pass laws, two of our Constitution’s three powers would be in the same hands,” he wrote. “It is even more crucial to protect the separation of powers set out in our Constitution during a pandemic such as this one,” Doughty says.

Moreover, according to a federal judge, President Joe Biden does not have the power to enforce a vaccination mandate on government contractors and subcontractors. The judge noted, “This is not a dispute about whether immunizations are efficacious. Neither is this an issue concerning whether the government may mandate persons to receive immunizations on some level.”

Despite the courts’ rulings, the Biden administration has maintained that they have the right to carry out the vaccination requirement. “We are completely prepared to defend this standard in court,” Seema Nanda, the U.S. Department of Labor’s senior legal officer, said earlier this month. Only Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee are affected by his decision.