Two Reps, A Dem And A Republican Went To Kabul Because They ‘Don’t Trust’ Biden’s Afghanistan Spin


Seth Moulton, a Democrat, and Peter Meijer, a Republican, are both military veterans. They traveled discreetly to Kabul to examine the airport siege. Consider their trip before delving into what they saw and learned. The Biden White House mishandled communications a week after Afghanistan’s collapse. At first, Biden, Jen Psaki, and others directed any concerning emails and messages to auto-response. They remained silent. It is a tragedy that they fail to lead while failing to communicate.

Each day, the Biden White House devalues its credibility in the eyes of the American public, including severe members of Congress. Moulton and Meijer determined that enough was enough and traveled to Kabul to witness the city personally. That is how little some members of Congress trust the Biden White House at the moment. None. They’d instead take a chance on their lives in the world’s most unsafe city than hear about another Psaki catastrophe.

They determined that Biden’s arbitrary August 31 evacuation deadline would not be fulfilled after consulting with commanders on the ground and watching the situation. However, in a tweet thread, Moulton states that, as with most veterans, they came to this visit to persuade the president to extend the August 31 deadline. Unfortunately, after speaking with commanders on the ground and watching the situation here, it is pretty apparent that they’d not be able to evacuate everyone on time, much less by September 11. He also mentioned that the American people’s evacuation is reliant on the Taliban preserving their particular connection.

Although Pelosi and many others criticize the two, they found something considerably more significant. The army has departed. As a result, the troops Biden must deploy to Afghanistan to cover his withdrawal have already left and will be gone by August 31, according to the Pentagon. Despite the best efforts of Biden, Psaki, Blinken, and Kirby, the Taliban would retain the initiative on deadline day and the twentieth anniversary of 9-11. Confident Americans, as well as a large number of Afghans who trust America, would be stranded.

On that day, the Taliban may hold more Americans hostage than the Biden White House acknowledges. However, what prevents them? Biden’s anti-terrorism capabilities beyond the horizon, the Taliban recognizes its absurdity. Moreover, Biden’s hurry to avert a Black Hawk Down may result in suspending the United States’ global anti-terrorism operation. That is not to say that the Taliban, ISIS-K, Al Qaeda, or any other group would accept Biden’s unilateral exit from Afghanistan. It would be impossible. In addition, Biden places a strong emphasis on optics, considering the Taliban seizing control of Afghanistan on the twentieth anniversary of 9-11, parading with American equipment they took and holding Americans, Afghans, and NATO captives.