UK Bishop Calls Becoming Transgender a “Sacred Journey”

Rowan Williams, an Anglican Bishop in the UK, demands the government ban transgender “conversion therapy” and says the process of becoming trans is a “sacred journey.”

Britain is in the process of implementing a ban on “conversion therapy” for homosexuals, but the legislation does not apply to efforts to turn an individual away from becoming transgender. Activists are lobbying heavily for trans individuals to be “protected” under the new law.

Williams, formerly the Archbishop of Canterbury, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging him to include a prohibition on trans conversion therapy.

The cleric’s letter, which was signed by several other Anglican bishops, tells Johnson that conversion to Christianity is the process where an individual “responds joyfully” to the “loving and ever-merciful God.”

It goes on, however, and claims that to become transgender is to embark on a “sacred journey of becoming whole.”

Uproar in the U.K. has spread to at least 100 charities and organizations backing out of the government’s international LGBT+ conference, Safe To Be Me 2022, over the exclusion of transgender individuals from the conversion therapy ban.

Many in Britain fear that the legislation will prohibit Christians from teaching their faith or praying for friends. A former member of the UK’s LGBT+ advisory panel is loudly declaring that non-coercive Christian prayer should also be prohibited by the legislation.

Jayne Ozanne, an LGBT leader, says that prayer that wants to change a person’s innate sexuality or gender identity is in fact “hate prayer.” She adds that it’s not prayer if it causes a person to hate themselves for being LGBT+.

The Prime Minister caused an uproar last week when he changed his mind and then changed his mind again over the issue of LGBT conversion therapy. First came an announcement that, instead of new legislation to ban the practice, the government would use existing laws and “other non-legislative measures.”

The outcry from the left caused Johson to reverse course just hours later, and the move is set to be included in the queen’s speech to open Parliament in May. It will not be surprising in the least to see the U.K. change course yet again under pressure from the trans lobby.