Undercover Video Reveals Schools Hiding CRT Curriculum From Parents

Several school administrators in Indiana were recently caught on undercover video openly admitting that they had been misleading parents about what kind of content is being taught in their children’s curriculum.

After students began learning from home during the pandemic, these parents were finally able to witness what their kids were learning — prompting these parents to begin standing up to school boards and school officials over the shocking content being taught to their children.

Instead of realizing that parents have the right to know about and approve of what their children are learning, many of these schools have dismissed parents’ rights altogether and continued with the controversial content — with some schools trying to do it in a deceitful way to prevent backlash.

Accuracy in Media (AIM) caught some of these individuals in undercover videos, which highlight those deceitful tactics being used by public schools to push damaging and false ideologies on children — including Critical Race Theory (CRT).

The Indiana school administrators were caught on camera acknowledging their efforts to mislead parents about their school curriculum — and the assistant superintendents and curriculum coordinators directly implicate teachers as willing participants in these efforts.

Plainfield Community Schools assistant superintendent Laura Delvecchio can be heard bragging about the school system’s capacity to “remain unnoticed” as it pushes CRT principles via its Social Emotional Learning (SEL) content.

The radical leftist school official went on to discuss the school system’s extensive review of its curriculum — which included a “White privilege walk” that was intentionally hidden from parents.

“What we’ve decided to do is not call attention to it because when you call attention to it then questions are asked and I really believe that you can do more good under the radar,” Delvecchio explained.

AIM also caught Assistant Superintendent Brad Sheppard, who works for the Elkhart School District in northern Indiana, describing how his school district is actively trying to deceive parents about them teaching CRT and SEL — hiding it by avoiding using the words and labels associated with the ideologies.

“We just have to avoid the words, you know? The labels,” Sheppard explains. “[SEL] has become a bad phrase and we don’t openly use that phrase but we’re still doing it, so. I mean, just to avoid anything, I mean, we have not really been hit with it, but just to even avoid it.”

In yet another school district, officials are “prepping” textbook presenters to ensure that they don’t reveal that the schools are teaching controversial topics.

“We have talked to our textbook companies that are coming and do presentations and I actually prep them a little bit because I’m like ‘we want this in our curriculum so if you could just not say specifically this then it won’t cause a red flag with the community’ and I hate that we have to do that but that way it’s still there and they would support it if just the content was there they just–its the title,” Jenny Oakley, director of e-learning and literacy at the Martinsville Schools Metropolitan School District, told undercover AIM investigators.