Unhinged Leftists Seek Univision Boycott Over ‘Friendly’ Trump Interview

The far-left is expressing concern after one of its friendly networks, Univision, decided to interview Trump without bashing him.

On November 9, 2023, the leftist network interviewed the former president, hosted by Enrique Acevedo, a Mexican anchor from the Hispanic network Televisa, as the New York Times described.

The New York Times fell into a frenzy after the Univision interview with Trump was wrapped up. The leftist news outlet released a headline shortly after titled “Outrage against Univision grows after Trump interview.”

Like the New York Times, the U.K.’s radical leftist paper, The Guardian, also expressed discontent with Univision’s handling of the interview, releasing an article titled “Trump interview an ‘insult to the Hispanic community’, ex-Univision head says.”

The Guardian brought in Joaquin Blaya, the former president of Univision, who said that the interview with Trump “was not an interview as we understand [it] in the United States. It was basically a one-hour propaganda open space for former president Trump to say whatever he wanted to say.”

The Univision interview was hosted at Trump’s South Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago. The Guardian pointed out that the interview with the former president was a “friendly” one.

Leftists were enraged to see a journalist do his job, which is to allow the interviewee to speak freely. Calls to boycott Univision rose after the Trump interview. Notably, actor and Daily Show host John Leguizamo was one of the first to call for the leftist network to be blacklisted.

Blaya later appeared for an interview with far-left MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, where he said that Univision is far from what he had imagined it’d become since he established the network in the 1980s.

“When I created the Univision network news [in the 1980s], [it was] built on the principles of American broadcasting journalism, the ABC, CBS, NBC … we were trying to basically create a Spanish but American network,” Blaya said.

“And I say that because there’s a big difference from our association in those days with the news that we’re seeing coming from Mexico,” he added.

To clarify, Blaya is saying that he created Univision to resemble leftist networks such as ABC, CBS and NBC. In other words, the sole purpose of the network he used to control was to spread liberal indoctrination to Hispanics in the U.S., as reported by NewsBusters.