Uprisings Begin Amid The ‘Impending Terminations’ Of First Responders

During the height of COVID, first responders were revered for their continuous work and dedication to doing their jobs. Unlike many other workers in the nation, first responders didn’t have the luxury of teleworking.

Frontline workers remained exalted as heroes, with everyone giving them accolades. However, when the COVID vaccines began rolling out, this suddenly changed.

Democrats decided rolling out various mandates and firing anyone who refused would be a good idea. Suddenly, the same frontline workers and first responders heralded in 2020 were demonized in 2021.

Leftists collectively deemed the “heroes” they heralded in 2020 should lose their jobs if they refused to take COVID vaccines. Unfortunately, in New York City, Democrats are getting what they want.

Many first responders and frontline workers are set to lose their jobs within the coming weeks due to COVID vaccine mandates. It has subsequently led to rising protests against these mandates, as pointed out by LifeSiteNews.

At least 4,000 first responders working for New York City could be fired from their jobs over their choice to refuse the COVID vaccine. It includes police officers, teachers, firefighters, and others.

With worldwide public sentiment turning against COVID mandates, first responders and supporters protested in New York City against the mandates. The protests have consisted of people tearing up vaccine passport papers, rallying outside of city hall, and speaking to the media about their grievances.

New Yorkers are noting the essential nature of services provided by first responders. These impending mass firings would likewise arrive when New York City is dealing with a series of crime outbreaks.

Therefore, the last thing the community should be doing is firing police officers and other essential frontline workers.

Unfortunately for frontline workers in New York City, their protests appear to be falling on deaf ears. Thus far, Mayor Eric Adams treats the uprisings against COVID mandates with contempt and indifference.

The Democrat Mayor even had the gall to record and state that first responders who refuse COVID vaccines are “quitting” rather than being fired from their jobs. Adams then declared that frontline workers should get their vaccine booster shots and not “quit” in the city.

At this point, it’s clear the mayor of New York City is not going to relax or roll back any of the community’s mandates. The residents of New York City should therefore prepare themselves for more crime, fewer emergency services, and a series of other problems stemming from the mass firings of frontline workers.