US Embassy In Kabul Is ‘Defaced’ With Taliban Emblems By Biden’s Allies, The Taliban!

It’s pretty apparent that when someone makes their true self-evident in front of you, you believe them, but Biden and Bidenites have refused to look at the actual image of the Taliban and continue to place their faith in them.

The Biden administration has entrusted the Taliban with the personal information of the American citizens awaiting evacuation and hoping for the Taliban to provide them a safe route. Not to forget, these are the same Taliban’s that the US has been at war with for the past 20 years and many of whom are on the FBI’s wanted list. They also threatened the US against extending the August 31st deadline, warned of the consequences, and stole billions of dollars worth of military equipment. They even mock the US by showcasing that equipment in a parade, yet the US is ready to put their faith in them.

One of the US generals called the Taliban-occupied country the generous Host nation. In recent weeks, the Bidenites have entrusted the Taliban with the American citizens’ passport information that was departing and expected them to provide airport security. Only a complete fool would view them as an ally, an organization that has exhibited close ties with Al-Qaeda and ISIS-K. And this isn’t all that is concerning. The Taliban have painted the walls of the US embassy in Kabul, a property legally under the jurisdiction of the US and now abandoned. The Taliban have trashed the $700 million worth of newly built US embassy as they went on to paint their flag on its walls and even wrote slogans and emblems. It was a complete humiliation for the US and their explicit declaration of victory after the 20-year war.

We have only Biden to thank for such demeaning behavior, and it’s about time the Americans tore the veil of ignorance off their eyes as Biden and his administration continuously try to get Afghanistan off the front covers.