US Marshals Rescue 200 Missing Children In National Operation

The U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) has successfully concluded a six-week operation, rescuing over 200 missing children. Announced by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Monday, “Operation We Will Find You 2” (OWWFY2) represents a significant achievement in the ongoing fight against child abduction and exploitation.

From May 20 to June 24, the USMS, in conjunction with various federal, state, and local agencies, focused their efforts on regions with high reports of missing children. This collaborative effort spanned seven federal judicial districts, ultimately recovering 200 critically missing children. Of these, 123 were found in dangerous conditions, while 77 were located in safe environments as verified by law enforcement or child welfare agencies.

The operation identified 173 children as endangered runaways, 25 as otherwise missing, one as a victim of family abduction, and another involved in a non-family abduction. Among those rescued was an infant as young as five months old, and 14 children were recovered outside their initial city of disappearance.

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland expressed deep gratitude for the operation’s success.

“There are no words to describe the terror felt by missing children, their families, and their communities,” Garland said. “I am grateful to the dedicated professionals of the U.S. Marshals Service and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children who worked to find 200 critically missing children during this six-week operation, and who work every day to keep children safe.”

The operation covered multiple states, including Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, New York, and Oregon. The primary focus was not only on locating the missing children but also ensuring their safety and addressing serious issues like child sex trafficking and exploitation.

In addition to rescuing the children, the operation led to the arrest of three individuals, showcasing the continuous threats these vulnerable children face. The success of OWWFY2 highlights the importance of inter-agency cooperation and relentless efforts in safeguarding children from harm.

This extensive operation by the USMS and its partners demonstrates a robust commitment to protecting children and reuniting them with their families, serving as a beacon of hope for many affected by such tragedies.