US Military Contractors May Soon Assist Ukraine As Biden Reviews Policy

President Biden’s administration is evaluating a potential policy change to permit American military contractors to operate in Ukraine, aiding in the fight against Russia. CNN reports that four U.S. officials have confirmed the consideration of lifting the current ban, which has been in place since Russia’s 2022 invasion.

This policy shift would allow the Pentagon to engage American companies for in-country work, aiming to accelerate the repair and maintenance of Ukrainian military weaponry.

Although the policy is still under review and has not yet been approved by Biden, the president has consistently stated that U.S. troops will not be sent to Ukraine.

Biden has stressed the importance of keeping all Americans, including troops, away from the Ukrainian front lines to avoid risks and the perception of U.S. combat involvement.

Presently, heavily damaged American military equipment is sent out of Ukraine for repairs, causing delays. U.S. troops provide remote assistance through video chats or secure phone calls, but this method has significant limitations.

As Russia continues its advances, the administration has been reconsidering the restrictions over the past few months. Should the policy change, it would likely involve only a few hundred contractors in Ukraine, a stark contrast to the large numbers seen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Retired Army officer Alexander Vindman, who served as the director for European Affairs on Trump’s National Security Council, noted that plans to relax these restrictions have been in development since earlier this year. Vindman emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine for U.S. national security and assured that there are adequate risk mitigation strategies in place.