US Spy Agency Works To Prepare For Climate Change

A U.S. spy agency is turning to domestic deployments to help with disaster relief and ready America for climate change, The Washington Post reported Monday.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), an intelligence organization that primarily provides mapping and imagery support to the Department of Defense (DOD) for overseas combat operations, assisted in rescue efforts in Florida after the destruction brought by Hurricane Ian in September. This action by the NGA demonstrates a change in the willingness of intelligence officials to assist within the United States in the face of the believed threat of climate change, per the Post.

Joe Biden announced a disaster declaration for the Florida hurricane as the Federal Emergency Management Agency website listed numerous recommended resources for Americans facing trouble.

Other suggestions Biden has offered Americans so they can stay safe during natural disasters include the time he infamously warned those “who are preparing for hurricane season” to “get vaccinated now.”

“Everything is more complicated if you’re not vaccinated and a hurricane or a natural disaster hits,” Biden said near the end of 2021. “If you wind up having to evacuate, if you wind up having to stay in a shelter, you don’t want to add COVID-19 to the list of dangers that you’re going to be confronting.”

Mainstream media outlet USA Today ‘fact-checked’ people who shared videos of Biden’s remarks at the time, claiming that those posting a video of the White House occupant’s exact words were doing so in a manner that is “out of context.”

Meanwhile, people in the Department of Defense are warning that they may have to act militarily in order to alleviate ‘climate change.’

“Climate change is dramatically increasing the demand for military operations,” a DOD official said in June.

The official’s statements echoed years of claims by Pentagon leaders that temperatures warming around the globe cause societal strife and heighten the potential for the U.S. to be involved in armed conflict, according to the Daily Caller.

Some people have argued that focusing on ‘climate change’ is nothing more than a distraction from the intended functions of DOD and intelligence agencies that work with the U.S. military, according to the Post.

As it stands, there is no evidence linking alleged human-caused ‘climate change’ to an increase in natural disasters such as Hurricane Ian, according to a report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.