US Trucker Convoy Appears ‘Imminent’

This year, the Canadian freedom trucker convoy created international headlines. It marked the latest display of people taking a stand against governments putting autocratic medical mandates into practice without a precise end date.

People are sick of it in 2022. Meanwhile, the Canadian government has taken an authoritarian response to the grassroots efforts of their truckers. While some provinces in the country have rolled back their mandates, Prime Minister Trudeau appears more eager to fight with and brutalize the truckers.

He’s already declared martial law to end the convoy. Meanwhile, the Canadian government has indicated that freedom convoy truckers and their supporters could freeze their bank accounts and other punitive actions.

Despite this, the Canadian freedom trucker convoy left its mark. According to Breitbart News, an American version of the same demonstration appears very likely to take place.

Members of the National Guard in Washington DC have been told to prepare themselves for trucker demonstrations mirroring Canada. Beginning on Tuesday, February 22, DC National Guard members will be stationed in segments of the nation’s capital until at least Monday, March 7.

This news comes against the backdrop of Capitol Hill police officers increasing security forces in the locality amid Biden’s approaching State of the Union address. However, it pertains to the possible US trucker convoy.

Capitol Hill police noted in a statement they’d been alerted about a potential trucker convoy during the same time Biden is scheduled to address the nation. Capitol police have also worked closely with the United States Secret Service.

Here in America, there is solid support for a trucker convoy resembling Canada.

The right to protest is solidified in the United States Constitution. Furthermore, it’s imperative when the government squeezes citizens with oppressive mandates.

Several Biden’s mandates have been stopped by either the Supreme Court or federal judges. However, this is far from over. For instance, in the military, service members are at risk of being dishonorably discharged over Biden’s COVID vaccine directive.

Booting thousands of US military over COVID vaccines is tyrannical and threatens national security. With a depleted military, our country will be at significantly heightened risks.

For this reason and so many others, Americans are very much supportive of seeing US truckers protest against medical mandates from the government.