VA House Explodes As Police Attempt To Search Property

An odd and scary situation unfolded in Arlington, Va., Monday night when a massive explosion occurred at a home in the northern Virginia city just as law enforcement officers were executing a search on the property.

On Tuesday, Andy Penn, the police chief of Arlington County, said that officers responded to an Arlington house around 4:45 p.m. Monday upon receiving calls of shots fired.

According to neighbors who called police, Yoo fired at least 30 shots from inside his house to the surrounding neighborhood from a “flare-type gun.”

After officers unsuccessfully attempted to communicate with the suspect, 56-year-old James Yoo, they got a search warrant to enter the property. Police entered his home, and Yoo is alleged to have fired gunshots, according to Penn.

Not long after, around 8:30 p.m., an explosion happened, engulfing the house in flames and sending debris flying in the air. Reports came in that people could feel the blast for miles around the area.

The explosion was caught on video, which has been posted to social media by multiple outlets.

Jason Jenkins, the assistant fire chief, said that gas service was turned off to the home roughly 90 minutes prior to the explosion, and nearby residents were evacuated at that time as well. The investigation into the explosion is still ongoing.

Police officials said they found human remains inside the house, and while they haven’t been identified yet, they presume they belong to Yoo.

According to officials, Yoo has a long history with police as well as a history of making unsubstantiated claims against neighbors and former family members.

Dave Sundberg, who serves in the FBI Washington field office as its assistant director in charge, said that Yoo communicated with the bureau multiple times “over a number of years.”

“I would characterize these communications as primarily complaints about alleged frauds he believed were perpetrated against him,” he said. “The nature of those communications did not lead to the FBI opening any investigations.”

Yoo also allegedly made “concerning” posts on social media, according to local police officials — all of which are being investigated.