Veteran And Former Congresswoman Shares ‘Critical Warning’ To America

Tulsi Gabbard is a veteran, former congresswoman, and one of the few sane individuals left within the Democrat Party.

Despite being a Democrat, Gabbard has repeatedly called out her party members’ various ills and poor judgment. Some of the Democrats Gabbard’s gone toe-to-toe with are Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton. And as of late, she’s been increasingly more vocal against the Biden Administration.

In some of her latest censure against the Biden Administration, Gabbard declared the current President had betrayed the people of America. The former congresswoman has an important message that everyone will want to hear, as covered by TheBlaze.

During an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News, Gabbard declared that attacks against Americans’ freedoms are a severe problem.

According to the veteran, the White House calling for Spotify to take more decisive action to censor podcaster Joe Rogan only leads to a dictatorship. Gabbard then warned when people are intentionally scared, subjected to having their income targeted, etc., it threatens the most basic freedoms of everyone.

The former congresswoman also clearly explained how fundamental our liberties are as American citizens. Gabbard reminded us that freedoms under attack by censorship are rooted in the United States Constitution and the identity of being an American citizen.

If there’s one thing the political left’s attempt to cancel Joe Rogan has done, it’s shine light on the inherent danger of cancel culture.

For many Americans, red flags immediately went up when the Biden Administration inserted itself into the Spotify controversy and asserted that the company could employ additional action.

It is an example of federal government overreach and not something accepted or normalized to many people.

Advocates of censorship believe anything that sounds “means” or “offensive” should be blocked or yanked down. They also have the same view about anything deemed as “misinformation” by questionable, seemingly ever-changing arbiters.

Meanwhile, free speech supporters have a different view and the correct view. Americans who understand the importance of free speech believe in the open exchange of rhetoric and ideas.

It means that if someone makes statements that specific individuals disagree with, they can come up with counter-arguments. In other words, the best way to take on “bad” talking points is to confront them with “better” talking points, not to yank down the discussion altogether.

If America doesn’t stand up against this communist censorship crusade being driven mainly by the left, then we’ll all wake up in a dictatorship one day.