Veteran Says Putin ‘Is Just the Cover Story,’ ‘We’re Doing This to Ourselves’

During an interview on the Breitbart News Daily podcast, veteran and entrepreneur Colin Wayne called out the Biden administration and the Democrats for using Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “cover story” to excuse inflation caused by their own failed policies, and discussed how skyrocketing prices have affected him as a business owner.

Podcast host Alex Marlow started the conversation by pointing out that the Biden administration is “just saying everything’s Putin’s fault” as an attempt to rebrand inflation caused by leftist policies as “Putin’s Price Hike.”

“I don’t think anything has to do [with Putin],” Wayne responded. “I think he’s the cover story, but I think that we’re doing this to ourselves.”

Wayne, founder of Redline Steel, discussed the effects of ongoing inflation on his business, which manufactures home decor and art from domestically-sourced steel.

“The steel industry is hit extremely hard, especially 10-gauge steel,” he said. “So we use 16-gauge through 20-gauge mild cold-rolled temper-passed steel, and it’s domestic. So it’s made at Nucor, one of the largest steel mills in America, and there’s a lot of companies that outsource — just because of the amount of cost savings that could take place — but we take pride of our products being sourced domestically and made right here.”

“The CRU index is the highest that it’s ever been in the history of America from a percentage standpoint, year over year, which is over 400-plus percent,” Wayne added, referring to the U.S. Midwest Domestic Hot-Rolled Coil Steel (CRU) Index, which estimates future steel prices based on comparisons of the commodity’s current and past prices.

He went on to note that the cost of a 5 x 10 steel sheet used by Redline Steel in the production of art and home decor has risen four-fold from a low point when former President Donald Trump was in office to today.

“So, imagine a 5×10 sheet when President Trump was in office – I’m just going to say $50 a sheet – now it’s over $200 a sheet,” Wayne said. “All of that [inflation] took place within an 18-month time period… The cost of inflation of the steel itself by 400% is unprecedented.”

“Now I’m having trouble finding domestic steel, and we’re having to pay even more for the freight to bring it in from other states, all the way up in Michigan, just to find 10-gauge steel,” he added.

Wayne also discussed how his company was considering expanding its production of decor to include other materials, such as vinyl or aluminum, as a response to the skyrocketing inflation in the cost of steel, stating that challenges can be viewed as opportunities.

“We’re kind of being forced into … being comfortable in an uncomfortable area, and that’s where growth comes from,” he said. “But it’s between that and giving up, and I’m not going to give up. I’m a fighter.”

“Manufacturing is the backbone of this nation, and we’re a country that is so dependent on other nations to find sourced goods, that if you were to walk into any large retailer, most of your home is made from products that are not here in the United States,” Wayne continued.

“There should absolutely be more manufacturing incentives for domestic suppliers that are sourcing domestically because it feeds the entire system,” he concluded.