Vice President Further Rejects Reports Of Tensions With The White House

Kamala Harris, the current vice president, is reportedly running into some real problems in the White House. Rumor has it that she and Biden are butting heads and not exactly getting along too well with each other. Meanwhile, back in November, the vice president’s aides told the media the Biden Administration isn’t treating her very well.

The reports of Harris’ experience in the White House vary. The gist of everything states that the Biden Administration simply isn’t setting the vice president up for success but instead wants her to be the fall person for the administration’s many errors.

However, in a recent interview, Harris again pushed back against these assertions, as detailed by Newsmax.

While conversing with CBS News over the weekend, the vice president worked hard to put to bed the rumors of the White House treating her poorly. According to Harris, she does not view herself as being set up for failure by the Biden Administration.

After reiterating her status as the vice president, Harris stated that whatever she’s tasked with dealing with is bound to be an issue without an easy fix. The vice president then declared she’s no stranger to challenging handling problems, and it’s something she’s done throughout the entirety of her career.

Later in the interview, CBS asked Harris whether she believes she’s facing heightened levels of scrutiny due to her being a person of color and a woman. The vice president responded to this inquiry by stating that she’d let other people figure it out for themselves.

Finally, Harris emphasized that her focus will remain on the job at hand that she needs to do.

While the vice president has her version of events about what’s going on in the White House, so do her past and present employees.

The vice president has been branded as problematic to work with on multiple occasions. Some employees even claim that she’s responsible for subjecting them to hostile and “abusive” work environments.

It is not a matter Harris has responded to at length publicly. However, throughout 2021, several of her aides in the White House have stepped down from their posts.

Throughout December, media reports suggested that more White House aides plan to make their exits during the earlier parts of the new year.

Despite what the vice president said to CNN about her work in the Biden Administration, there’s honestly no telling what all could be happening on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.