Vice President Harris “Lashes Out” At Moderates In Her Own Party

The Democrat Party has been getting increasingly more extreme for quite some time. There used to be a time when Democrats and Republicans disagreed on specific policies but managed to share some common ground on other matters.

These days are long gone. The Democrat Party, with its massive leftwards shift, is beyond the reach of bipartisanship. Furthermore, as Democrats collectively move further to the left, it’s putting them in conflict with moderates who consider themselves Democrats, minus the extremism.

Just as Democrats don’t have any tolerance for Republicans, their intolerance is now extending to moderate leftists as well. As Twitchy reports, there’s no better example of this than recent commentary from Vice President Harris.

At a volunteering event in Washington D.C., Harris was questioned about moderate Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. As most Americans know, the two Democratic senators have stated they will not vote to end the filibuster.

Harris’ reaction to the two moderates in her party was condemnation. She professed her refusal to “absolve” individuals who she deems as at odds with their oaths to the United States Constitution.”

It is apparent to both Manchin and Sinema saying no deal on torpedoing the Senate filibuster. However, it’s unfortunate that the vice president continues to spread false narratives regarding voting rights in America.

Harris wants the nation to believe that anyone who does not support legislation that would kill voter ID requirements and hand control of state elections to the federal government is an enemy of the Constitution.

Like other members of the increasingly radical Democrat Party, Harris has no tolerance for dissent in any form.

Harris’s remarks will not do her party any favors in the long run. Eventually, the Democrats will be eaten alive by their radicalism. It’s not sustainable for the United States any more than for Democrats themselves.

Harris is far from alone in her attacks against Manchin and Sinema. However, as Democrats are lashing out against their moderate party members for refusing to toe the line, they’re missing out on the long game.

By casting aside moderates who likely agree with them more often than not, Democrats only ensure their ranks get smaller and smaller. Meanwhile, Manchin has already been invited by congressional Republicans to join the GOP. Sinema, likewise, has received donations from the political right.

Harris and Democrats can continue to lash out against the moderates in their party if they want. However, Democrats are only ensuring their political downfall by doing this.