Violent Crime By Immigrants Spikes In France

A recent report on violent crime by the French Ministry of the Interior showed stark numbers for residents of Paris who are experiencing a massive wave of immigration not unlike what is happening along the United States southern border. The report shows that nearly 70% of violent crime on public transportation last year was caused by immigrants, the vast majority of whom hail from Africa.

The report was prepared by The Ministerial Statistical Department for Internal Security (SSMSI) and shows that 69% of robberies and other violent crimes, including sexual assault, occurring on public transportation in 2022 were committed by individuals who do not hold French citizenship. Immigrants from African nations were responsible for 52% of such crimes while representing just 3.2% of the population.

Remix News has been reporting on violence on public transportation in Paris since 2020. Crime on public transportation committed by foreign nationals has not changed much since the first reports were written. In 2020, 69% of violent crime on public transportation was attributed to non-French residents.

France has seen a massive wave of immigration from the Maghreb region of Africa that represents the nations of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, and Western Sahara. Individuals from these countries are responsible for 38% of violent robberies and other crimes involving violence in Paris.

In recent years, France has dealt with a number of human smuggling rings aimed at helping African individuals bypass the country’s immigration laws. As in the U.S., many illegal migrants who are caught are issued a way to temporarily stay until their claims are heard by a court. Few of the immigrants who do not show up to court or who are determined to not be eligible to stay simply don’t leave.

France has also experienced a sharp rise in immigration from Ukraine following the Russian invasion in 2021. As the war has dragged on, France has been willing to accept more refugees, but public opinion is beginning to sour as the effects of mass immigration begin to stretch city coffers thin and impact the daily lives of residents.

A recent poll in the country found that nearly three out of every French national believes there are too many migrants in the country. French law is more relaxed than in the U.S. and migrants are often able to enter the country and stay for as long as ten years without becoming residents. Residency permits are commonly available even to individuals who have had asylum claims denied.

France is notoriously bad about enforcing its own immigration laws. Reports in 2021 showed that just 8.25% of deportation orders had been executed. Lax enforcement and a generous government stance on immigration have led to an estimated 6 million immigrants residing in the country. The French government has pledged for years to increase deportations but have not followed through with their promises.