Virginia And New Jersey Have Been Designated As New Battleground States

Surprise Democrats! Virginia is now firmly in Republican hands for the current cycle. Let us hope that Glenn Youngkin makes good on his commitments and leads education and election reforms. Youngkin trounced Terry McAuliffe in a state President Biden won by 10% in 2020. 

Democrats are exposed to leadership failure on public issues, election integrity, parental involvement in schooling, and the economy. Youngkin claimed that the pivotal turning point in Virginia had been crossed, and now the voters want to pursue reasonable and moral policies that help families. 

There is not an opportunity we can squander. 

McAuliffe reacted poorly to questions about parental rights. Notice Democrats shoving pornographic books down the throats of children will not happen with Republicans in charge. The cycle issue is: should the NASB and administrators teach children racialist CRT and enforce LGBT agenda items? Or will parents push back on this attack on traditional family values and assert their right to monitor these agents of the state? 

A red wave is moving throughout the country. It started in Virginia, which now has Republicans in the top seats. Conservatives are on the move, and moderates and independents have seen the light. 

The exceptionally close race in New Jersey, where Biden won by 16%, is still too close to call. Pay attention to other races across the nation too. But especially take note that New Jersey could be a bombshell. 

In New Jersey, recently a Democrat stronghold, almost everyone thought Jack Ciattarelli couldn’t unseat Democrat Governor Phil Murphy. Murphy was already planning his victory speech even though he is generally despised. Most voters in New Jersey are discontent with his failed leadership, but Democrats can generate votes from thin air and rely on a notoriously loyal base in urban centers. 

Over 56% of precincts reporting in Ciattarelli are up right now. It is unbelievably surprising for Republicans who once had governors from Christopher Christie in 2010 – 2018 to Christine Todd Whitman in 1994 – 2001. 

Terrible does not begin to describe how liberals should feel right now. Essex and Passaic county is withholding the vote totals. Without these votes, the election is still up in the air, and expect Murphy to gain a substantial number from these cities-centers. 

Republican House Minority Leaders Representative Kevin McCarthy warned Washington liberals that the American people had had enough. We forsake the partisanship of liberal media and unify around a single message: stop the madness, end fanatic plans that waste trillions of dollars. 

McCarthy predicts that 70 liberals will lose their races in 2022 because of crazy Nancy Pelosi. In Minneapolis, citizens dismissed efforts to destroy the police department. It shows America that we will still think for ourselves no matter what the liberal media says and does. Thank you very much! 

AOC and her Squad can shove it! Go ahead, keep shouting your crazy nonsense and Communist propaganda. Republicans will dominate local political positions for decades.