Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin Remains Committed To Freedom

In November 2021, Republican Glenn Youngkin defied expectations when winning the Virginia gubernatorial election. It was a significant win for the Republican Party, seeing as the GOP had gone for over a decade without having control of the commonwealth.

Youngkin’s win assured that now-defeated Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe didn’t manage to weasel his way back into the Virginia governor’s mansion. McAuliffe would have served as another reinforcement for the Biden Administration and a series of destructive, left-wing policies.

Later this month, Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin will be officially sworn into office. According to LifeSiteNews, the incoming Republican governor is committed to standing for freedom.

Youngkin has confirmed that once he’s officially sworn in as Virginia’s governor, he will be getting on board with legal challenges that exist against Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates.

On Thursday, the United States Supreme Court struck down Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses with more than 100 workers. This mandate would have impacted at least 80 million Americans and led to firings, finings, and a series of other problems.

While the president’s mandate via the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is officially a goner, his medical mandate for healthcare workers nationwide was upheld by the highest court in the land.

Youngkin and Virginia’s incoming Attorney General Jason Miyares released a joint statement on what residents of the commonwealth can expect from the governor’s administration.

The statement notes that Youngkin and Miyares will work hand in hand to shield Virginia residents’ freedoms while bringing challenges to mandates that Biden’s attempting to force through at the federal level.

Youngkin has stated that as governor, he will not impose vaccination mandates; however, if local governments in the commonwealth attempt to implement these mandates, Youngkin won’t intervene to stop them.

If anything the Biden Administration has shown the nation, it’s the dire need for Republican governors. With Democrats in control of the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives, GOP leaders at state levels are the last lines of defense against outright, inescapable tyranny.

The need for GOP governors is emphasized by the massive number of people who fled states with Democratic governors in 2021. Meanwhile, Florida, Texas, and Arizona (all of which have Republicans in their governors’ mansions) are getting record numbers of new residents.

This year, several different gubernatorial elections take place across other states. Let’s get Republicans elected or re-elected in each one of them.