Watch: Undocumented Migrants Complain That America Is Too Cold

As a seemingly endless procession of undocumented migrants enter the U.S. due in large part to the Biden administration’s permissive policies, border states have been particularly hard hit by the crisis.

In recent months, however, state-level leaders including Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott have implemented policies whereby migrants are relocated to largely Democratic-led “sanctuary cities” where illegal immigration is celebrated and migrants are ostensibly welcomed with open arms.

Upon arrival, however, it has become evident that neither the migrants nor the officials in charge of these jurisdictions have been happy about the arrangement.

Amid an ongoing cold snap that has sent temperatures plunging across much of the country, migrants have begun complaining about the weather in the nation they entered illegally, as evidenced by a news segment that aired recently in Chicago, Illinois.

The clip sparked some sharp criticism from social media users who stressed that these individuals should not be in the U.S. in the first place, with many suggesting that if they were unhappy with the cold weather that they should make their way back to their countries of origin.

Several commenters also noted the perceived irony of migrants who, as many leftists argue, illegally entered the U.S. due to global warming in their own countries now complaining about the cold.

Recent statements from chilly migrants are not unique and echo remarks recorded by a New York City news outlet last year.

In that city, harsh weather was blamed for the recent decision to boot students from their high school in order to transform the building into a makeshift migrant camp.

Of course, undocumented migrants have found other things to complain about aside from the weather upon illegally entering the country. Last month, the New York Post chronicled the complaints of individuals who were unsatisfied with the free food delivered to the hotel where they have been allowed to stay.

“No one likes the food,” said 31-year-old Jesus Alberto. “Without lying, it’s bad, bad.”
One company alone reportedly threw out more than 70,000 meals bought with taxpayer money in the span of just a single month last year.