We Elected Someone We Do Not Like Because The Media Told Us To

How did this happen? As a nation, we bought into what the liberal media complex sold us: there are only two choices, and if you hate Donald Trump (which you must if you are a good person), you must vote for Joe Biden. 

We did this. 

Maybe you did everything you could to prevent this from happening, but we get the leaders we deserve as a nation. We did not stand up to the liberals for decades. They took over education, entertainment, media, and the government. And we did not stop them. 

We elected Republicans who lacked the courage to dig in their heels and fight. Instead, they sold us out. How did we lose this party to a bunch of squishy losers? They did not have Donald Trump’s back when it counted. We did not have a plan or a team to run this nation with a transformational leader, so instead, Trump was sabotaged from within. 

Our country is made up of cities and towns, neighborhoods of conservatives and liberals. We did not reach them with the truth. Our alternative media was subdued by an avalanche of idiocy every day over the last five years. We could not control the narrative because we were reactive. 

So now we have the anti-President, dementia riddled, incompetent, and corrupt Joe Biden. Polls show that Americans do not like him. But these surveys cannot change anything. 

We supposedly preferred Joe Biden enough to choose him over Donald Trump. Just barely. But he has no mandate to govern, and he plans to mumble and bumble his way through teleprompter photo-ops and play dress up. The Democrat and media machine is running this administration and nation right now. Biden has never been a leader. 

Per a Quinnipiac survey, Biden’s approval rating is 38%, with Independents it’s 32%. Only 66% of African Americans approve of what amounts to Barack Obama’s third term. Precisely 60% oppose what he is doing. But he does not care what we think. He may not even be fully aware of how unpopular he is. Biden has lost support among Hispanics and women, but he got what he wanted from them: enough of a smokescreen to squeeze into the White House. 

In the RealClearPolitics rolling average of many polls, Biden has a 44.6% approval rating. The basement is falling out of this sham administration’s support. 

Biden thinks that Americans can still unify around him and his agenda. But 94% of Republicans and 60% of Independents do not support him. However, 80% of Democrats love the economic destruction, foreign policy disasters, and tyrannical fiats. Of course, the Democrats are so dense and protected by a bubble of media ignorance that they do not know what he is doing and will never abandon JB. 

Statistically, Democrats would have to make up around 60% of the population of the United States for Biden to maintain support from a slim majority of the country. 

According to the Quinnipiac poll, 56% of Americans say that Biden lacks leadership skills, 54% say that Biden is inept, and 50% say that Biden is a corrupt crony criminal. 

Further, support for his policies is falling on the economy 55% disapprove, on foreign policy 58% disapprove, on his management of the military 58% disapprove, on taxes 54% disapprove, on COVID-19 mandates and policies 50% disapprove, and on immigration a whopping 67% disapprove. 

The ham-fisted, foolish, horrific Afghanistan withdrawal revealed to Americans the cost of their negligence and indifference. Our neighbors got marines, women, and children killed in a foreign country because they were told that Orange Man Bad was worse than what Sleepy and Corrupt Dementia Joe would do. Of course, they were lied to, but they believed the lies like a perfect mark! 

We have lost confidence in the president, the executive branch, the government as a whole, and leaders’ ability to fix anything. They only make things worse.