West Virginia Takes A Clear Stand Against ‘Medical Tyranny’

Over the past two years, the rise of medical tyranny has occurred at an alarming and frightening level. Governments have ordered people to remain at home. They’ve been told that they’re somehow lepers of disease if they don’t wear pieces of cloth over their faces.

On top of this, various leaders have implemented vaccine mandates that doom hardworking people to unemployment over their personal medical decisions.

Biden tried to do this nationwide. The country isn’t living under an autocratic, federal vaccine mandate because conservative leaders sued Biden to the Supreme Court.

Now, more than ever, standing up against medical tyranny is imperative. As LifeSiteNews covers, West Virginia is setting a positive example in this regard.

This past week, the West Virginia State Senate passed legislation backing Republicans and Democrats to grant unemployment benefits to individuals fired over noncompliance with COVID vaccine mandates.

After passing the legislation on Friday, it heads to the West Virginia House of Representatives, a body controlled by GOP members. The House is overwhelmingly anticipated to pass the bill. From this point, it will arrive on the desk of West Virginia GOP Governor Jim Justice for a signature.

Assuming the legislation gets approved by the West Virginia House and Governor, it will provide another much-needed defense line against medical tyranny. Many West Virginians and other Americans across the nation believe no one should be subjected to joblessness or destitution over their personal medical choices.

Florida, Tennessee, Kansas, Iowa, and Arkansas likewise have legislation on the books to safeguard workers from medical tyranny.

Standing up against medical tyranny has become a grassroots movement around the world. The Canadian trucker convoy had worldwide impacts against their country’s COVID mandates.

Already, the word is out that a similar trucker convoy will happen here in America next month. In January, “Defeat the Mandates” protests occurred in the nation’s capital. Since these protests and the Canadian trucker convoy, some Democrats have suddenly started rolling back mask mandates.

This latest move by the West Virginia State Senate is much needed, and it’s a step in the right direction. Medical tyranny cannot fester and must be stopped in its tracks. Contrary to specific narratives, there’s no way to comply with your way out of any form of tyranny. People have to stand up against it and collectively refuse to comply.