What Americans Need To Know About Federal Vaccine Campaigns

Since the inception of coronavirus, “the science” has repeatedly changed according to whatever health officials and politicians said or wanted.

In the beginning, people were told that staying home, shutting down businesses, not going within six feet of other humans, etc., was “the science” behind stopping the spread of coronavirus. However, two months ago, a study from Johns Hopkins has since proven otherwise.

Last year, coronavirus vaccines, coronavirus booster shots and vaccine mandates were imposed upon the American people. Suddenly, health officials and politicians deemed that, per “the science,” everyone must get vaccinated to allow for herd immunity and stop the spread.

Later, “the science” revealed that coronavirus vaccines and booster shots do not prevent anyone from contracting coronavirus, nor do they prevent anyone from spreading the virus onto others.

In 2022, amid surveys and uprisings showing mounting disapproval with various coronavirus mandates, these restrictions are suddenly being pulled back and some sources are even acknowledging the presence and relevance of natural immunity.

In light of all these changes, understanding how the American government runs federal vaccine campaigns is very much important, as RedState explains.

The American government’s ultimate strategy when running federal vaccine campaigns entails using the mainstream media to their advantage.

In 2020, the media constantly promoted lockdowns, business closures and shelter in place orders not as government overreach but as selfless, humane things to do to stop the spread of a virus.

In 2021, the media heavily branded COVID vaccines as safe, life-saving and effective. With the backing of the federal government, the press expressly stated that everyone should get a vaccine and anyone who dared to question a vaccine made in a matter of months was a “conspiracy theorist.”

Today, the media parades around Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They openly express that they’re not wearing masks in particular environments.

In 2020 and 2021, this would have been considered blasphemy by Democrats, the media and health officials.

While the last two experiences have taught us anything, the US government completely controls the media. The government will not hesitate to use the media to market products, ideas, etc.

Therefore, it’s all the more imperative for people to do their research rather than taking the mainstream media at face value. The federal vaccine campaign seen since the inception of COVID has blown the lid off of something active for quite some time.