What Americans Should Know About A Possible Food Crisis

Energy has been the latest casualty of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia in Europe.

Vladimir Putin, the despotic president of Russia, is thus showing no signs of backing down from the war he’s waged against Ukraine. Meanwhile, gas prices have soared in the United States as all this plays out.

Biden could help alleviate this burden by lifting his various blocks on US domestic energy production. Yet, so far, the White House is refusing to do this.

At this point, there’s no telling how much longer the war in Europe will play out. However, as National Review warns, a food crisis could become the latest consequence of this war.

Given Ukraine’s status as the fifth biggest generator of wheat globally, access to wheat supply is going to take some hits, so long as the nation is under siege. Meanwhile, access to other food supplies, such as sunflower seed oil, corn, barley, etc., remains severely threatened, thanks to the war in Europe.

As things currently stand, without this war coming to a halt, the reduction in the aforementioned food supplies could range from anywhere between 10% to 50%.

These reductions will also negatively impact countless individuals worldwide who struggle with a lack of food abundance. It also isn’t taking into account ongoing issues with the supply chain that are only getting tenser.

Shippers, meanwhile, are getting leaner to transfer various commodities since an explosion by the Odessa port of Ukraine’s Black Sea.

The combination of fewer shippers, less transportation, reduced food supplies, etc., will only create more bottlenecks over less time than people might imagine.

During times of uncertainty, the last things people want to hear about are possible issues with access to food.

It tends to lead to mass panic, setting off various chain reactions, such as hoarding, mass purchases of supplies in short periods and even price gouging.

No one knows just how much uglier this war in Ukraine could get. However, the Russian president’s increasingly unhinged rhetoric and threats are certainly cause for concern.

As more companies cut off their goods and services to Russia as a means of protecting the nation’s attacks against Ukraine, Putin appears to be digging his heels in rather than backing down.

All Americans need to remain vigilant and aware of what’s happening in the world in these times.