What Happened To The Bernie Brahs?

Remember the Bernie Bros, the college-aged men who supported the soon-to-be octogenarian during the 2016 Democrat Primary?

In 2021, any supporters must be “Bernie Brahs,” who seem to hang around failure. Bernie Sanders remains one of the most reliably Marxist members of Congress. In an era of increasing honestly about political positions, Sanders was never shy about his ideological persuasions.

He never really adopted the party line of the Democrats, even when he ran as an independent. Instead, he was bought off with promises to continue to look the other way as he and his wife ingratiate themselves on the public dole, cronyism in the publishing racket, and through state-funded schemes.

Did we ever find out exactly who won the Iowa Caucasus?

Last we checked, Bernie won, but certain precincts mysteriously “disappeared” records, apps stopped working, and spreadsheets were corrupted.

As a comparison, Bill and Hillary Clinton lived the hippy lifestyle until they could sell out and become part of the establishment. Bernie sold out without ever admitting defeat. As a sixties radical, he struggled to find meaningful work until he was able to gain traction in the world of politics.

In 1981, the openly socialist Sanders ran as an independently elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont. In 1988, Sanders and his newly wedded second wife Jane O’Meara went to the Soviet Union for 10-days. It was their “extraordinary honeymoon” indeed. Touring the worker’s paradise is an unforgettable getaway for small-town American mayors and their brides.

Communists, Socialists, and Marxists are variations on the same theme. Marx developed the Communist Manifesto, which spawned any number of adherents and versions. The Soviet-style Communism was not adopted by many European countries that preferred a lite flavor of the ideology that resulted in the deaths of over one hundred million people throughout the world.

Although sinking is easier than swimming, most people opt to fight for their life. According to Rabbi Daniel Lapin, socialism is like gravity. It tends to suck individuals down into despair. You will drown if you stop working unless you have someone to give you breath. That is where the government steps in to serve as your provider.

The people of Cuba have finally had enough of taking what the government is giving. After 70 years of rice, heartache, oppression, hatred, and violence, a movement to undo the graft and abuse of Castro and his comrades is underway. They want to live and breathe free air. But Bernie will continue to side with his brothers in the revolution.

If the military side with the Cuban people to overthrow the regime, Lenin with the army took out the Romanovs in Petrograd, Cuba may recover. However, the question always remains, who gets to lead. If you replace one dictator with another, things tend to get worse. Venezuela, China, and North Korea show how oppressive power can become.

Marxism in America sounds like Critical Race Theory. Black Lives Matter and “New Economics.” AOC and Bernie seem to think we can eliminate the scourge of money and debt with deficit spending and zero inflation. Evil capitalism will end, and paradise will ensue, led, of course, by Bernie’s accolades.

The so-called intellectual impetus for politicians like Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are modern academics like Cornel West, Michael Lerner, and Robert Reich. They teach that goods in stores should be free to take, and employees should receive $15/hour. Of course, when you put these ideas together, you have no profits to pay employees to give away products. Also, according to the former labor secretary Reich, every apartment should be a rent to own. If this were made a law, investors would not exist because they would be forced to sell their interest and equity in the property they purchased.

It is economic illiteracy on parade. Let’s hope and pray that the next generation of students will finally see through this charade.