What Kamala Did When Biden Got Lost In The Signing Ceremony

Kamala Harris has been seen and heard guiding Joe Biden in his speeches, keeping him on track and helping him find his way. Still, this moment, where Kamala Harris reminded Biden to honor a guest at a ceremony, will leave you speechless.

Joe Biden was signing a document at the commemoration of the Americans with Disabilities Act. While handing out pens, Harris said, “Honor this hero right there,” and Biden responded, “I will, but I want to make sure I got all the…” and turned to Tyree Brown, a disabilities advocate and artist that was a guest at the celebration. Biden skipped her altogether and wanted to take care of his political allies first.

Harris is seen at another Press Conference reminding Biden to give his remarks about the Miami apartment collapse that devastated the community. Biden was turning to leave a Press Conference, and Harris stopped him and told him something that wasn’t audible, and Biden turned and said, “Oh yes, I apologize, yes thank you, Vice President. I’ve spoken with, coincidentally, the Mayor of Miami-Dade was in my office yesterday, and I talked to her today, not about that. So I had a long discussion with her today. I’ve also spoken with, we’ve been in contact with the congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who has that district.”

If Biden just spoke to the mayor in length the day before, that should have been easy to recall. Throughout the entire speech and so many others, Biden is stumbling words together and mispronouncing others. It isn’t delightful.

Biden has been seen on many occasions getting his thoughts together, but probably not on his own. When Biden loses his place mid-sentence or before responding, he frequently looks slightly down and to his right as if listening in his right ear to some listening device and responds, usually slowly at first like he was repeating what he’s being told.

When you watch someone speak, it’s important what they say and their body language and non-verbal cues, so pay attention and determine for yourself what Biden’s non-verbal cues are telling you.